Discord Headphones

Hello community, yesterday, Icy posted in the RocketSnail Discord server this message


He basically said that the experiment 2 is closer (I think it will be released in 1 week or something). The other thing is very, very special and important because, the members of the Discord Server will win a “Discord Headphones” item in Box Critters, but, this item is going to be available for a LIMITED TIME, then, join the RocketSnail server to win this special item!

See you later!


New SPRITES in the game!

Hello community, today, RocketSnail updated the hamsters sprites in the game and add him viking helmet. Check it

The new hamsters sprites:


The Viking Helmet:



For while, there is no way to wear this helmet, only RocketSnail can do that ;-;

Bye bye!

New critters

Hello community! Today we have notices about all the new critters until this day. Let’s start!

The first critter that I want to show, is the beaver:

RocketSnail said the beaver will have lumberjack skills, I think it will be really cool because beavers are linked with trees.



The thief raccoon:

RocketSnail, some weeks ago, did a vote section where we need to vote for the best raccoon, in the final, the winners are they, in the picture! I really liked these raccoon 🙂



Pirate Hamster & Kung fu Sock Monkey:

Pretty cool, RocketSnail has a creative mind.




I think the unicorns in the game will have a magic horn and will live in the “cute forest”.




RocketSnail said he will have an exclusive critter. I think it’s good to anyone tries to fake him



The Fox:

He doesn’t say anything about that fox, just post it. But I have a question about that. What does the fox say? Hahaha



Alright guys, for today is this. And I need to say one thing, sorry for stopped the blog. I stopped making posts here for some weeks, but now I’m back. If you’d like to help me with this blog, contact me on the Discord, Michael0509#1608. Bye!

Second Experiment

Hello community! Today I will talk about: The Second Experiment Of Box Critters! Let’s start.

In 02/16/2019 (One day ago) RocketSnail made a new tweet asking what people want for the second experiment of Box Critters, he also put a voting with three choices

  1. Add Items and Inventory
  2. Add a MiniGame
  3. Add another Room


More than eight hundred (800) people voted and over half chose in the first choice!

So for what it seems, we will have Items and an Inventory for the Second Experiment!


Welcome To Box Critters UNofficial!

Hello world!

The creator of Box Critters and other funny games (like Club Penguin) is RocketSnail.

Okay but, what is Box Critters? Box Critters is basically a new game developed by RocketSnail with the same propose of Club Penguin, you can walk around the map, talk with people of different places in the world, make friends, play mini-games, and have fun!

In this blog I will post uptades and notices about Box Critters, you can check the same at ‘The RocketSnail Club’ and ‘Box Critters UNofficial’ on Discord!

If you have a Discord account, please join in these servers:

The RocketSnail Club (this server is VERY more important than Box Critters UNofficial)

Box Critters UNofficial

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